What’s in a Name – Science of names and dates in the bible

What is Typology? This entry and the next one will cover typology and its utilization within the Bible. Typology represents the use of one object or person to represent another or even a whole group. Some modern examples include Xerox which represented making a copy; Kleenex to represent tissues, IPOD to represent electronic music devices, and so forth.

What’s in a Name – Science of names and dates in the bible

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I want to get away…. love it ,,,,,

The Panama Adventure

We made another video

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We seem to keeping ourselves quite busy during quarantine, and we’re having fun doing it. We’re happy enough with this video that we’re excited to start working on the next one.  I’ll fit in some regular blog posts along the way too.

You all take good care of yourselves and each other out there!! Hopefully this little diversion will brighten your day.

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